ATTIMO project is a partnership between different organizations from Italy, Austria and Belgium, with different backgrounds, from territorial social cooperation, to tourism entreprises, to IT solutions providers, to European networks. Every partner is engaged to share the best experience and knowledge to develop tourism itineraries and tools to meet the demands of tourists, whatever specific need they have, and to help small and medium-sized enterprises of the tourism chain to raise their quality in hospitality.


Tandem is the coordinator of ATTIMO. It is a social cooperative working for the employment of people with disabilities, born in 1997 from a European project on tourism. It is expert in development of contact centres on disability issues and, accessible tourism information services and training. Tandem has developed and participated into many European projects in the field of accessibility, inclusion and tourism for all.

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ENAT – European Network for Accessible Tourism asbl – is a non-profit association established in January 2006 as a project-based initiative of nine sponsoring organisations in six EU Member States. The European Commission gave financial support to the Network in its first two years of operations, 2006 to 2007. The mission is to make European tourism destinations, products and services accessible to all travellers and to promote accessible tourism around the world.

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B.I.M. – Mobilitätsconsulting & Engineering is a practice-oriented and innovative company in consulting, planning and software development for the mobility sector. Their basis consists of yearlong work and identification with the field of traffic and transportation. They offer individual, application-oriented solutions, based on specific professional competence. Their experience and comprehensive knowledge is proved by high quality results.

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Primavera 85 is a social cooperative that pursues the general interest of the community, promoting human and social integration through the management of social and health services, education and training. Primavera 85 has many years of experience in disability assistance. The main areas of intervention are: autism, mental and physical disability, employment training, after school services, older people and social inclusion projects.

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Municipality of Castegnero is a town in the province of Vicenza. Committed on promoting local tourism and sensitive to the issue of accessibility, it has always supported the projects of social inclusion of Primavera 85.

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De Grancy, Soziale Innovation – consultancy organization with a focus on social innovation. It offers services and support in the areas of project development, organizational structures and development, coaching of managers and change processes. Topics where De Grancy has special experience are the development of social services in rural regions, starting up of modern social services and phasing out of large central institutions.

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IN2 started in 2005 with the mission to provide software solutions that simplify how businesses and people collect, organise, discover and present digital content. The company builds cutting-edge scalable software for the web & mobile and works both on backend services, user interfaces and interaction as well as application provisioning from its own private cloud (DevOps). IN2’s core product consists of an in-house flexible web-based platform for managing and publishing photos, videos, document and audio files on any device.

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Klone is a communications and marketing agency. During these years, the agency Klone tried to improve steadily its competencies and to increase its wealth of experience. It offers not only creativity specialized on every product or activity of communications, but also and especially a service that includes all those functions that allow to the company to achieve the strategic objectives of communications with the best cost/benefit ratio.