Introduction to the Intermodal Journey Planner

The intermodal journey planner (IJP) allows visitors to plan the tours presented by the ATTIMO-homepage according to one’s personal needs.
The IJP provides information, so that visitors know, in advance, the different mobility modes, local transport services and points of interest that are available for one’s personal requirements.

Each tour presented by the IJP consists of several segments; you can choose only one segment or all segments of a complete tour. In addition, you can decide the preferred mobility mode – walking, cycling, using public transport or driving a car – for each segment.
After selecting segments and mobility modes, the IJP will present an overview of the Points of Interest and the way from one to another – depending on the chosen mobility mode. Visitors are also informed about how to travel from their home address to the start of the tour and from the end of the tour back home again.

Further on, there is detailed information about each point of interest – how to reach it, information about the accessibility of the venue and its facilities, special offers and contact details.
The location of each point of interest is visible on a map.

We hope you enjoy planning your tour with the IJP!