This section contains all the official documents of ATTIMO project as soon as they are released.

Guidelines to implement accessible tourism facilities and services

The document is addressed to entrepreneurs working in the tourism sector, especially SMEs, who are interested in improving their offer to welcome people with specific access needs in their facilities and destinations. The document aims at being a concise and useful framework for people working in the tourism sector to learn the basics of accessible tourism and to get answers to some of the typical questions and doubts  which tourism entrepreneurs express when approaching accessible tourism.


ATTIMO Leaflet

Here the official ATTIMO brochure to promote the four touristic itineraries and the Intermodal Journey Planner!

Tourism proposal

We recommend these 2 full-day and 2 half-day excursions to see the tourism proposals of Attimo, both in Vicenza and Styria.

Half day in Vicenza

Attimo proposta EN_vicenza religious.pdf

Full day in Vicenza

Attimo proposta EN_vicenza culinary.pdf

Half day in Styria

Attimo proposta EN_styria religious.pdf

Full day in Styria

Attimo proposta EN_styria culinary.pdf

Final Conference

Below you can find all the material used for the project presentation conference that took place in Vicenza on 06 October 2017.

Presentation Slide

Title: Turismo Religioso: lento, profondo, naturale e accessibile
Speaker: Prof. Moreno Zago
Language: IT

Title: Vie di pellegrinaggio e la Romea Strada
Speaker: Luisa Dal Prà
Language: IT

Title: Village for All, 10 years of innovation
Speaker: Roberto Vitali
Language: IT / EN

Title: ALL, Across the Lombards’ Lands
Speaker: Maria Stella Minuti
Language: IT

Title: Friendly Beaches Project. Social tourism in mediterranean coast
Speaker: Anna Lisa Fuligni
Language: EN

Title: How to win in accessible tourism. PREMIKI experience
Speaker: Dolores Kores
Language: EN

Title: Tours in Styria
Relator: Regina De Grancy
Language: EN

Title: Gli Itinerari dei Colli Berici
Speaker: Dott.ssa Aleksandra Grbic
Language: IT

Title: Marketing and promotion of accessible tourism itineraries
Speaker: Ivor Ambrose
Language: EN