ATTIMO is a European project on accessible tourism supported by COSME, the Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs (Small and Medium-sized enterprises) 2014 – 2020.

The project aims to develop two transnational tourism itineraries, based on religious and cultural heritage and on the food and wine culture of two beautiful rural areas in Italy and in Austria. The two itineraries have been sketched in the area of Monti Berici of Veneto, in Italy, and throughout South and West Styria, in Austria, connecting some of the best points of interests for tourists which are eager to dive into the regional culture, following the route of Saint James in churches and historical monuments, or tasting the best food and wine in picturesque wineries and taverns, but also enjoying a ride, walking or with a bicycle, on some of the trails and bicycle routes annexed to the itineraries.
With the active involvement of the tourism actors of the two regional areas, throughout the entire tourism chain (from transport, to cultural heritage, to accommodation, to institutions), an action plan for the development of the itineraries has been prepared to connect all the attractions and services in a so called Intermodal Journey Planner, which will be released here within the end of May 2017.
A wide range of information about the ATTIMO itineraries will be available with a WEB SOLUTION and an INTERMODAL JOURNEY PLANNER, especially the information about the access condition of all points of interests, as the ATTIMO staff and the tourism operators involved in their development will collect and share the accessibility features of accommodations, cultural and sport sites and facilities inside the planner.
All tourism operators involved in the itineraries have received training on accessible tourism and customer care (with workshops and with ATTIMO’s delivered training material) so they are ready to host people with specific access needs.
The Users will be able to chose their best itinerary and the attractions they want to visit depending on their interests and needs,  as the web solution and the The Intermodal Journey Planner can report all information needed to reach and move throughout the itineraries, to visit places and contact attractions and services.